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JSS Special Event 3days , MIND, SKILL, and Strength Training Camp"

5/8 (Monday) Application starts

Application deadline 2 days before the event date

JSS special event is back again this year🔥

This event will be very popular, so please register early!

JSS Special Event 3days "MIND, SKILL, and Strength Camp

Date JUNE3rd (Sat) ~ JUNE 5th(Mon)

We apologize for the inconvenience, but please contact the official line below.

after you apply


Please send us a message with your child's name and "Shin-Gaza-Tai Camp".

Please use the form below to apply.

To master the mind, skill, and Strength


☞How quickly you can make decisions about situations


☞The speed at which things start moving




☞Variety movement

We will hold a program that incorporates 4 trainings over 3 days 🔥

Target: 6 to 15 years old

For the purpose of further powering up the competitions and sports that children are currently working on, we provide training that emphasizes mental and physical balance🥷💪

Kids have fun exercising,

We will support you to grow physically and mentally ❤️

This event is for children

This is a valuable opportunity to not only improve physical fitness, but also develop confidence, focus and perseverance☝️

Also, by interacting with other children, you can acquire sociability and teamwork😊

Parents, please help us to support the healthy growth of children.

JSS's "mind, skill, and Strength" camp will be a lifetime memory for your children🤩

🟠Event details

NOAH@BKK gathering by 9:50

10:00-12:00 Special physical and mental lessons

12:00 Lunch

13:00-14:00 Special lesson for mind, technique and body

Dismiss at 14:00

🟠mind, skill, and Strength 3 days camp

〜Schedule, contents〜

Day 1 Heart


・Breathing techniques to slow down your heart rate

・In addition to race analysis, the concept of strategy and tactics (tactics for winning)

・ Level up training from beginner to intermediate agility

Day 2 Techniques

・Expansion of step types to make walking smoother

・Improvement of body stability by core training

・Use of both hands and feet to train coordination ability

・As training to improve judgment, practice to improve situational judgment

・Level up training from intermediate to advanced agility

Day 3 Body

・In addition to body weight training, full-body training incorporating dodgeball, rugby, chase tag, and different training

・Addition of training aimed at strengthening upper body strength

・Introduction of stretching and yoga for the purpose of improving flexibility and range of motion

・Added special training for advanced agility users

Target: 6 years old ~

Capacity: Limited to the first 21 people

Venue: NOAH @BKK

Shuttle service available: round trip 250B

What to bring: drink, change of clothes, sports shoes, towel, money (if buying drinks at the shop)

Fee: member 3900B Non-Member 5400B

🟠Cancellation Policy

Free until the day before participation

Full price on the day

*This event is flooded with reservations every year. In order to prevent children who want to participate from not being able to participate, please refrain from canceling on the day except for illness.

[Payment Address]


JSS Star Platinum Co., Ltd


I apologize for the inconvenience, but please send the slip to the official line after the transfer.


Payment period

Within 3 days from the date of application

Thank you for your cooperation.

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