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Adult Fitness & Dance Classes

This adult fitness dance class was born from the desire to hold a class where you can refresh your mind and body, improve your physical strength and improve your stamina in a fun way.

We have schools in Bangkok and Sriracha.

We provide friendly, homely and thorough lessons that make it easy for even first-time dancers to get used to dancing and attend classes.

To dance to the music and have fun,

It doesn't matter your skill or experience. People of all ages can enjoy it.

Recommended for these people👇
* I want to improve my physical strength
* I want to get in shape
* Looking for a new hobby
* I like music
* I want to find new friends through dance.

🧠Good stimulation for the brain and body🦸‍♀️
The health benefits of dance are attracting attention, with various studies and papers on the health promotion of dance being published all over the world.
Learning choreography and moving your body in the way you think is great for improving your physical health, as well as boosting your immunity and mental health.


Sriracha School

Every Tuesday 11:00-12:30

Bangkok School

Every Thursday 11:00-12:30

Price information

If you register on the day of the experience, the registration fee of 3,000B will be waived.
*Only for those who contact us on the day


🔴Non-member rate ▶ 700B each time

▶5-ride ticket: 3,000 B
600B per session

▶10-journey pass: 5,500B
550B per session
*The tickets have no expiration date and are non-refundable.

🟡Membership fee ▶ Monthly fee 2,000B (4 times a month)
500B per session

Take classes with your child for even more fun!
If your child is enrolled in JSS Speed Training or Rhythm Training class (not applicable if on leave), we will deduct 500B from the monthly tuition fee.

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