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🌈 Train Speed, Agility, Responsiveness, and Explosiveness in a 5-Day Intensive Summer Camp 🌊✨

The scorching summer sun is relentlessly upon us ☀️, and I sincerely pray that everyone remains healthy and well. JSS‼️ Finally, the long-awaited 🌟 summer camp will be held over three weeks ✨.

🌊Introducing the Intensive Summer Camp 🌊 【The Annual Summer Vacation Event】 Get ready for the ultimate challenge as we announce the Intensive Summer Camp! This is the perfect opportunity to train and enhance your speed, agility, responsiveness, and explosiveness in a 🔥"super intense" 5-day program. Let's widen the gap between you and your rivals in just five days 🦹‍♀️. [If you want to take your performance to the next level or change how you use your body, this camp is a must-attend!] By participating in this camp, you will: 🌈 Understand how to move your body smoothly 🌈 Stimulate your brain and develop new neural pathways 🌈 Engage in short-term intensive training to strengthen your body And, you'll develop a genuine love for 【exercise】 ✨👍. Every individual has their own movement habits, but to unleash greater speed and strength, you need to change the way you move. This summer vacation, let's work together with the coaching staff to take even one step closer to becoming the "self we aspire to be‼️" 🤖

In our annual Intensive Summer Camp, more than half of the participants are newcomers 🙌. That's why we provide thorough instruction from the basics, ensuring that anyone can join us without hesitation. We are committed to creating a welcoming environment where everyone feels comfortable and can participate with ease.

Here is the schedule and training content for the camp:

Session 1: August 7th (Monday) to August 11th (Friday) Training: "Conditioning" with Coach Hikaru

Session 2: August 14th (Monday) to August 18th (Friday) Training: "HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)" with Coach Hiko

Session 3: August 21st (Monday) to August 25th (Friday) Training: "Body Combat" with Coach Jojo

During the 10:30 AM to 11:10 AM training session, we have prepared different training programs for each session. Our aim is to provide a program where children can enjoy themselves while growing healthily.

Here is the translation of the additional information you provided:

We have prepared different training programs for each session, considering the enjoyment of the children's participation and supporting their safety and growth.

Time Schedule: 9:50 - Gather at Noah BKK 🚃

10:00-10:30 (30 minutes) - Rhythm Training

10:30-11:10 (40 minutes) - Session 1: Conditioning / Session 2: HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) / Session 3: Body Combat

11:20-12:00 (40 minutes) - Agility and Speed Training

12:00 - Lunch 🍱

13:00-14:00 (60 minutes) - Other Sports Activities 🧪✨

Day 1: Kick Base Day 2: Agility Race Day 3: Dance Day 4: Rugby Day 5: Dodgeball

Camp Details: Location: NOAH BKK

Capacity: Up to 21 participants (first-come, first-served basis) ✨‼️

Gathering: Gather at NOAH BKK at 9:50

Dismissal: Dismissal at NOAH BKK around 14:00

Age Group: 6 to 15 years old

What to Bring: Drinks, change of clothes, money (You can purchase drinks, etc., at the shop.)

Fees: Members: 6,500B Non-members: 9,000B

For individual days (for those not attending all 5 days): Members: 1,500B/day Non-members: 2,000B/day

Transportation: Roundtrip: 250B/day

(Payment Deadline: Within 3 days after application)

🈹Discounts are available for friends and siblings who participate together. *Discounts apply to all participants. *Not applicable for individual day participants.

2 participants: -300B discount 3 participants: -500B discount 4 participants: -800B discount 5 participants: -1,000B discount

⚠️Cancellation Policy: Free until 17:00 the day before the session. After that, cancellation will incur the full amount. *Minimum number of participants required: 8

[Payment Information]

Bank: SCB Account Name: JSS Star Platinum Co., Ltd.

Account Number: 4331222874

After making the payment, kindly send the slip to the official LINE account.

LINE@ ID: 995oqwui


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