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📢 **May Mid-Month Report** 📢

**Hello 😊**

📢 **May Mid-Month Report** 📢

This month, we've been focusing on coaching side crosses and cross steps with an emphasis on starting movements. Specifically, we're implementing training sessions that focus on executing cross steps to quickly outmaneuver opponents and performing side crosses to catch opponents off guard. 🔥

**"Lower Body × Flexibility"**

We're also conducting conditioning exercises to enhance flexibility in the hip joints and ankles, aiming to maximize performance and prevent injuries. 🔥

✨ **Children's Growth ✨**

The movement of children at JSS has significantly improved, indicating the effectiveness of our training. We will continue to provide effective training to promote proper body mechanics and injury-free body development.

🔜 **Late-Month Training Plan**

In the latter part of the month, we'll introduce reaction training to enhance the children's decision-making abilities, aiming to improve quick reactions and accurate decision-making skills.

We appreciate your continued understanding and cooperation.

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