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training to today win tomorrow

About JSS

our mission

All for the Kids

At JSS, we are committed to building bodies that don't get injured and improving posture.

We also incorporate meditation to improve concentration so that you can remain calm and make the right decisions at any time .

From age 4 to 15

If you don't train properly you will regret it!

This is the period in life when motor skills develop most rapidly.

How you spend your time during this period will have a huge impact on your child.

To help children achieve their goals and dreams,

The JSS coaches will support you to the best of their ability!

Build a strong and supple body!
​For a body that doesn't get injured!
Speed, power, flexibility, sense of rhythm, and judgment
Balanced training!
Mental strength, mental fortitude, and mental preparation - Gain the mental strength to withstand harsh conditions and confidence in yourself!

When the three elements of mind, technique and body are in balance,

You can realize your full potential!

History ofJSS

​First landing in Thailand in 2019!

As an athletic ability improvement academy

Opened in Bangkok ​!

More than 300 school students so far

​Trained and realized that "movement" was effective!

Sriracha school:


Bangkok school:


soccer pro on nut 17

JSS's motto is "Have fun! Mind, technique, and body!"
At JSS, we offer programs to improve the physical abilities needed for any sport.

If you don't spend your golden years the right way,

You may end up wasting a once in a lifetime opportunity.

What is Golden Age? ? ?

Golden Age: 4 to 15 years old

This is the golden period for children to develop and improve their motor and physical abilities.
During this period, the brain is stimulated by various exercises and sports,

Motor skills will develop and improve.

There are no children who are poor at sports.

Due to the popularity of games and digital devices and the decrease in outdoor play areas,

There are fewer opportunities to play outside and I don't get enough exercise. I can't stand on one leg.

I can't squat down, etc.

There are an increasing number of children who do not know how to move their bodies in basic ways.

By playing with their bodies, children learn to run, jump, throw, etc.

You will acquire these skills by experiencing a variety of exercises.

In addition, by interacting with friends of different ages, children will develop social skills within a group.

Features of JSS

JSS is the perfect place for your child to maximize their athletic potential.

From 3 to 15 years old!
I want to be number one in the running race! I want to do well in the competition!
I want to be a ninja! We can help children
achieve their goal!

Your movements during play will definitely change!

Set yourself apart from your rivals!

Soccer, tennis, rugby, cheerleading, etc.

To become faster, you need both physique and athletic ability.

You don't have to worry about genetics either!


①Kids Class (4-5 years old)
②Speed class ③Strength class ④Rhythm class

Four classes are held.
We provide training tailored to each child's age and level .
We will definitely make your children's goals and dreams come true.


Many children who are also taking other lessons participate in the class.

Stable movement during play

Quickly and swiftly turn around to get past your opponent

The power of training during play

It will be demonstrated.

In JSS training, we first teach you how to move your body correctly .

If children know how to move their bodies, they can maximize their potential ! We teach with the motto of mind , technique, and body so that children can have fun and not get bored, and understand for themselves what kind of training they are doing .

Results of Activities

On-site training (group and private) is also available.

If you are interested, please contact us on our official line.

Cerezo x JSS joint project

Professional soccer player development project

"Elite Program"



Former Hanshin and Nippon Ham

Tomoya Tsuboi

Baseball Clinic

Agility training instruction


Outdoor basketball games

Elementary and Junior High School Students


Circle (50 people)

Agility training instruction   



Japanese Association of Thailand


Fitness training instruction   

July 2023~



Hello and welcome to the JSS homepage!

I am the head coach of JSS, JOJO coach.

At our speed school, we provide the best training for children to improve their physical abilities.

With the motto "Everything is for the children!", we provide the highest level of instruction.

In particular, JSS focuses on training on agility.

Agility is the physical ability necessary to perform quick and precise movements.

Rhythm is one of the important elements.

Therefore, JSS actively incorporates rhythm training,

By increasing children's sense of rhythm, it leads to improvement of agility ability.

Also, through rhythm training, children can enjoy moving and dancing to music,

You can acquire a sense of rhythm and musical sense.

Also, the sense of rhythm is one of the important elements in sports,

You can learn precise movements and timing.

JSS coaches provide children with fun rhythm training,

In order to increase the agility ability, we are devising and devising menus using various tools.

We believe that through agility and rhythm training, children can develop self-confidence and

To enhance one's own abilities and lead a healthy and active life,

We will do our best to support you. Please see the JSS homepage.

We hope that more people will know about our school.

All for the children! ️

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