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Class introduction

Our class

Don't miss the Golden Age!

The golden age comes only once in a lifetime! It is the time when motor skills improve remarkably.

Training for your kids according to their age and goals!

Preschool class: Become faster

Learn the fun of exercise! Course

If you want to dramatically improve your physical abilities, start now!

Kids Class (ages 4-5)

KIDS class

The training is game-like and proceeds at a good tempo, so even small children who get bored easily can enjoy participating until the end of the lesson. For children who have just turned 6 and are not very good at moving their bodies, we recommend that you start with this class.

Normal Speed Class

A course that makes use of foot speed

Mental strength, speed, balance, judgment,
Get the power!

Speed Class (ages 6 and up)

Speed class

Classes for ages 6-15.
Restrictions are imposed using various tools,
You will learn to move smoothly.
We offer a menu that directly trains the muscles needed to run fast.
I want to be the best at running!
This class is for children who want to improve their movement while playing.

Strengthening Class

Course for aspiring professional athletes

For upper grades!
Serious physical strengthening!!!

Intensive class (ages 10 and up)

Advance class

4th grade or above*Conditions:
I have taken a regular speed class before.
A more complex menu than the regular children's classes approved by the head coach.
The strengthening class also has increased load.
I want to set myself apart from my rivals!
I want to become a professional athlete!
This is a class that we encourage your children to try.

Rhythm Jump Class

A course to develop rhythm and body control skills

Get a sense of rhythm and boost your athletic ability!

Rhythm Class (ages 7 and up)

Rhythm Class

The impact of a lack of rhythm on movement → Not being able to time physical movements → Not being able to understand the difference between the rhythm created by the surrounding environment and one's own rhythm.
❌When I jump, the timing of my arm movement and jump are out of sync, so I can't jump high.

Recommended for children who want to develop basic motor skills!



If there is a fifth week, the lesson will be a good night.
​ If there is a change in the schedule, we will inform you from the official line at any time.

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