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JSS Price List

(Non-member) 900B per use

🔴Regular lesson (once a week) 3,000B (4 times a month)

🟣Super lesson (twice a week) 4,800B (8 times a month)

🟢Hyper lesson (3 times a week) 6000B (12 times a month)

✳️Regular lesson (4 times a month) If a subscriber wishes to add

Additional lesson 700B/time

⚠️ about additional lessons. I can't go twice a week every time, but

It is set for children who want to take additional lessons.

🔴Ex. Regular lesson (once a week) 3,000B if you attend 7 times a month

+2,100B (additional lesson 700B x 3 times) total 5,100B

🟣It will be 300B more expensive than applying for a super lesson (8 times a month),

It is advantageous to apply for a super lesson.

Great family discount! ! !

Monthly discount from regular monthly fee

2nd person-1000B discount

​The third person is "half price"

*If you are taking classes at the same time, the discount is not applicable during the break.

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