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STEP1 Concentration (meditation)

Incorporate a minute of meditation before starting your workout

Bring 100% awareness to the one thing in front of you that you should do now.

STEP7 Physical/core strength

Strengthen the muscles of the chest, back, waist, abdominal muscles, and buttocks to stabilize the pelvis and improve the balance to prevent hitting and falling.

STEP2 Positioning

Improving the ability to quickly react and start moving from a stationary state

STEP8 Reactivity

Improving the ability to see, hear, respond quickly to cues, and respond accurately.

STEP3 Body posture

Using JSS original equipment, the body learns how to move the body necessary for all exercises.

STEP4 Spatial recognition ability

Improve the ability to accurately grasp and recognize "sense of distance", "size" and "speed".

STEP5 Stepwork

Maintains balance even during sudden changes in direction

Improve ability and ability to move the body smoothly.

STEP11 Connectivity

By moving multiple parts at the same time, you can improve your ability to move your muscles smoothly and without waste when performing a certain action.

STEP9 Judgment

Eye movement is performed to strengthen visual acuity, dynamic visual acuity, instantaneous vision, and peripheral vision, harvest more information from the eyes, deepen tactical understanding so that you can make choices according to the situation, and increase the speed of judgment.

STEP12 Comprehensive

Quickly judge any situation and be able to put out top speed at any time.

STEP6 Rhythm step

By using the sound source to improve athletic performance and heighten the sense of rhythm, movement becomes sharper, which not only improves performance but also prevents injuries.

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