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Children's physical abilities
Bloom to the fullest!

Athletic Ability Improvement Academy

Speed, power, footwork, mental mobility
A training program that develops five skills.

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There are no kids who are poor at sports!

Don't miss out on the golden age of 5 to 15 years old!

Due to the popularity of games and digital devices and the decrease in outdoor play areas,

There are fewer opportunities to play outside and I don't get enough exercise. And I can't stand on one leg.

I can't squat down, etc.

There are an increasing number of children who do not know how to move their bodies in basic ways.

5. Not receiving proper training during elementary and junior high school years

If you don't know how to move your body,

It might destroy the children's talents!

With proper training,

The performance will explode.

We at JSS support children's dreams and goals for the future!

In our program,

Specialized instructors guide children

Train safely and effectively

Cultivate a healthy lifestyle.

The first step to ensuring a healthy and happy future for our children!

Let's train together!

Youth Baseball

our mission

Everything is for the children

At JSS, we are thorough in building bodies that don't get injured and improving posture. We also work on mental training so that you can remain calm and make the right decisions at all times.

training program

Training Content

At JSS, we offer training programs to build the foundation of athletic ability necessary for any sport or competition.

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